About Civingo
Civingo is a Social Networking Platform for Civil Society Organizations worldwide. With our new feature, users can remain connected, networked, and be part of a Global Civil Society Community.

Who are we?

'Civingo' - come together is a community platform built exclusively for Civil Society Organizations!

We seek to build a positive and valuable digital experience for civil society organizations worldwide. At 'Civingo,' we are all about community and empowerment of each member within it.

We are a free, safe, responsible virtual space that bonds civil society organizations through interest-based micro-communities. We want each civil society organization to share its work and build meaningful connections with other civil society organizations. We want to create a community of strong, confident, professional, and independent civil society organizations - a space where we are strong individually... and even stronger together!

Keeping us accurate to our mission is our Community Advisory Board comprising prominent civil society organizations who are committed to making 'Civingo' a free and responsible community space.

We believe in the power of Communities -

We believe that we are more powerful when we empower each other!


Our Principles

Encourage Independent Thinking

A platform that encourages and safeguards the right to express, create, and share freely and responsibly

Build Connection and Community

Enjoy meaningful conversations, and build social connections that will help civil society organizations grow and develop

Serve Everyone

A one-point destination exclusively for civil society organizations to watch, share all that they do, get informed, inspired, and connect - to reach the heights that they dream of

Responsible Virtual Environment

As a content, community, commerce-led platform, we aim to provide a safe virtual space for civil society organizations to be empowered


What is a Community, and why should you have one?

If you were made to believe that your following on social media is your community, it's not!

Social media users may have nothing in common except that they may watch similar content or follow the same influencer. Social media users don't often interact with each other. They comment, like, and share but never really bond with each other over the creator.

Communities, however, are built around a specific interest - it could be a person, a topic, an issue, a common cause, or simply to have fun!

When you create a community, you engage and form bonds with the members. You are no longer just an influencer for them. You are someone whom they can finally feel a real connection with! Community members also bond with each other over common interests and are motivated to share their experiences, stories, and feelings with one another!

You should have your community if -

  • You believe that Connections are Real
  • The Power of Many is Greater than the Power of One
  • You want meaningful interactions than simply ???